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Azzanation said:
DonFerrari said:

So will you concede that Nintendo broke that honor more and before when they broke a signed contract for the development of the CD? Or imaginary contracts have more value on your head?

How is Nintendo breaking that honor code by sticking with what works for them at the time? Just because others went CD doesnt mean they needed to change, i for one am glad they stuck with cartridges. Nintendo of course were experimenting with CDs but decided cartridges were better for there buisness model.

Remember Nintendo before CD gaming was king and companies like Square made there success off Nintendo. Lets not pretend the NES and SNES existed.

They signed a contract with Sony to develop the CD, backstabbed Sony and that created PS1, then they signed with Phillips, backstabbed them and thus the bad Phillips CD-i.

So yes it seems like you are more lenient with companies breaking contracts than with companies that without contract gone for a better deal. Don't remember you calling Insomniac traitors when they made Sunset Overdrive.

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