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tbone51 said:
JRPGfan said:

100m = cuz im pessimitic wtf?

The Switch has its best years behinde it, nearly all its big IPs have had titles, and its past halfway point in its lifecycle.
Its at ~54m units.

Why would it suddenly sell 100m extra units in its last 2-3 years?

Can it happend? yes, almost anything in life can.
Will this happend? highly unlikely.

It’s best year is either this year or next year. It’s at 54mil but it’s not at the halfway point yet. And your correct it won’t sell 100mil in 2-3 years but it can do it in 6-7 years

You think it will last that long? Switch until 2027 ?
Switch already "feels" like its a gen behinde the PS4/XB1.
Come next gen (PS5+XSX) its gonna be like 2+ gens plus behinde in terms of tech and graphics.

Will nintendo users just not care?
I suspect Nintendo do a Switch 2, sometime around 2021-2022.