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RenCutypoison said:
Jpcc86 said:

Good start for a very good game. Gotta wonder if the good sales and critical/audience reception convinces SE to focus their efforts into this kind of projects, as it did Capcom with RE, and not so much into new entries, tho I hope they do both. That FF16 announcement is taking forever. If this is the quality we can expect for future entries in the series im very much on board, this game blows FF13 and FF15 out of the water, shame those 2 didnt have a similar gameplay/battle system. Wouldve enjoyed them much more if it was the case. The only thing that threw me off a bit is the voice acting and dialogue of certain characters, particularly Barret. You get used to it and theres nothing wrong with it per se, its very much in line with how the character was written in the original game, its just feels weird listening to it in this updated version.

Currently right in front of the final fight, and for me it looks like FF13/15 were necessary to get there.

Players have had very different expectations for linear story since the PS3 era, they had trouble finding a way to balance active gameplay with classic RPG tactics, and they had to figure out how to tell stories in real time during combat and explorations to streamline storytelling.

FF13 and FF15 were clunky, but in the end they really helped shaping FF7r into what it is.

As a fan of the series for a long time it feels like the end of a long journey and the beginning of a new era for Square Enix. FF10 was (imo) the complete version of the turn based system. They experimented and had great success with the previous FF games. FF10 resulted in a phenominal battle system, with strategy and depth. Yet it was the high watermark that would mark the end of the line for turn based games.

After that games progressed into real time. FF12, FF13, FF15 just coulnd't recapture the same turn based nature of the preceding games... All the RPGs coming out after FF10, from Kingdom Hearts, the Tales series, even games like The Witcher are action games with elements of turn based RPGs. Nothing really seemed to capture that depth of thought process and strategic planning that FF10 especially required.

FF7R is the result of Square Enix learning from everything that came before to develop a system where you have the intensity of an action game, but you have the depth and the strategy of a turn based RPG. To me its the best combat in a game like this. I haven't enjoyed gameplay like this in a long time.