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MasonADC said:
Very nice. Unlike FFXV which shipped 5 million units in a single day and struggle to sell through them, I expect that FF7R has already sold through most of its physical stock and is awaiting more right now.

"struggling to sell through" 5 million units in a single day could mean selling 3.5 million in 3 days and not selling very much after that, though. Do we have any more detailed figures to know how XV compares? I'm assuming FVIIR is up in sales, but not by a huge margin, going by the shipment numbers of XV vs the sales of VIIR.

Update: Wait, both figures are shipped. Nevermind. That is ultimately pretty pointless then, although I could see VIIR selling more confirmed sales because of the digital increase over the years, which if XV didn't sell well through it's initial shipment would naturally lead to more *actual* sales in the shipment figures. 

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 21 April 2020