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Shame cause I actually liked the implementation of it. One of the things I fear with the whole cloud thing is what happens to your library if the service dies? Lets say the worst comes to worst and steam, playstation, xbox and every other gaming services dies at the same time. Because the files are in someone's computer/console/device, people can still download and play those games through other means. With cloud, if the company/service dies, there's no way to play them because all anyone has access to is the launcher. All the files are saved onto their servers and of course, you lose your progress and everything since there isn't a way to back anything up.

With GeForce now, if I buy a game on steam, it would allow me the option of being able to stream over the cloud. This way if Nvidia cancels GeForce Now, I don't have to worry about losing anything. And also that fact that I don't have to re-buy any of my existing games or have to wait until the publishers port their games onto the service.


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