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I feel like Covid isn't helping switch as much as people here think. I mean it's affecting their shipping for one and their production which might be why for now they're only increasing it by so much. But this thing is gonna last for a while and is negatively affecting the switch as well like PS4 never would've had the number 1 position like it did in the week ending April 11th without the Covid situation, I just want the switch to sell as much as possible so if it ends up way over performing like 25mik+, I'll be very happy, I genuinely believe switch will end up selling better than PS4 when all is said and done but not as well as PS2 or NDS. Somewhere in between PS4 and PS2 most likely. I also want the PS5 and XseX to sell bonkers because 7 want the gaming industry to thrive. We'll see what happens though

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also