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 " Cheating is an increasing issue for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare across both traditional multiplayer and Warzone, but it feels pronounced in the battle royale mode. This week, developer Infinity Ward said it had issued over 70,000 bans worldwide to protect Warzone from cheaters. "We are watching. We have zero tolerance for cheaters," the studio tweeted.

However, players continue to complain about cheaters who are able to automatically hit enemy heads, shoot through walls and play without recoil, among other prohibited abilities. The various Call of Duty subreddits are packed with clips of cheaters exposed via Modern Warfare's killcam and Warzone's spectate mode.

Traditionally, competitive multiplayer cheating is more of a PC problem than it is a console problem, due to the difficulty in running console games with cheats enabled. But console players are running up against PC cheaters because of Modern Warfare's crossplay feature.

Crossplay is of course wonderful for any multiplayer game, Call of Duty included, because it means friends can play together across platforms, and larger player pools mean quick matchmaking, full lobbies and low latency matches.

However, a negative side effect of crossplay in Call of Duty is console players are exposed to PC cheaters - and as a temporary fix, console players are turning off crossplay to stamp it out.

Most Call of Duty players are of course legitimate players, but it only takes one cheater to spoil a game session. It can be incredibly frustrating to die to a Warzone hacker after spending 45 minutes soldiering towards the final circle.

What else could Activision do to prevent Call of Duty hacking? Some have called on Activision to require PC players link their account to a phone number (Counter-Strike offers this as a free option for prime matchmaking), thus putting off cheaters. Some console players have called for console-only crossplay, allowing PS4 and Xbox One players to play together without PC players."