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TheBraveGallade said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Even in business ethics it wasn't a mistake. There's nothing ethically questionable about choosing not to do business anymore with a company that insists on dictating their own terms and instead doing business with a company that gives you more respect/freedom. There was no "betrayal", they didn't "owe" Nintendo anything.

square and playstation's relationships has only ever been that of a tird party and major developer. an important one but still....

square and nintendo's was almost that of a psudo sencond party dev, like what rare became almost immediatly upon square's departure. nintendo subsitized ALL localization of FF1-6, and more telling, they gve them mario to work with for SMRPG, something that nintendo arely does NOWADAYS, and was almost unheard of back then, we all know how protective nintendo is of their ip....

Localized with severe restricts and censorship, which was a big thing for Nintendo in the 90's.  Its odd that Nintendo gets the benefit of revisionist history for everything they do.