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According to people who knew the matter,  Sony Corp. plans to produce far fewer units of its upcoming PlayStation 5 in its first year than it had for the previous-generation console’s launch and it will change depend on he situation.

Some developer also trying to predict that the price will be around 499 to 549 USD due to the increased component costs (take this as grain of salt) because it's just a prediction by some developer and not confirmed by Sony

PS4 pro and PS4 price cut are imminent 

It said that the global pandemic really disturb the production and the distribution 

They also said The global Pandemic also has been affecting Sony plans for PS5 reveal/meeting and PS5 marketing/promotion  that should have been happened on March 

PS5 Dual Sense reveal were also rush  to avoid major leak due the controller are being shared to third party developer and publisher.

Covid-19 travel restrictions have prevented Sony engineers from flying to China to direct final adjustments before assembly plants go into mass production.

Suppliers have started delivering components to PS5 assemblers, who are scheduled to begin mass-producing the product by June. Sony’s PlayStation chief Jim Ryan has stressed that the machine’s launch should be simultaneous around the globe

Sony is still plan to launch their consol this year.

Last edited by HollyGamer - on 16 April 2020