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HoangNhatAnh said:
DonFerrari said:

It impress me that so many people in VGC ignores that companies work to maximize profit in almost 100% the situation, so yes most of times they will be multiplatform, they will avoid multiplatform only if the porting cost doesn't return enough profit to make sense (because resources are finite so even if the port makes profit not always it will be done because they can make more profit on the same resource doing something else, be it a DLC or a new game). But we have so many that think companies think like them based on hate and love.

Um, I only think about the people who researched a lot about the history of mistakes from a company which they don't even like but somehow completely ignore/forget the history of mistakes from their favorite one.

The problem is, not everyone who criticize Nintendo , Sony or Microsoft means they hate the company. You need to learn to be open minded, is like you hate every critique and input people have towards Nintendo. jeesh