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Ka-pi96 said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

The gap in power between ps5/xbox se and switch is way bigger than ps4/xbox 1 and switch. Gaming cost keeps increasing each gen with more power so not so sure about that.

And that's still only going to result in more expensive development for those games that really try to push the boundary and get the best graphics etc that they possibly can. The majority of games aren't going for the absolute best possible graphics though. They'll continue to make them how they want to and if they don't take full advantage of all of the power on those systems that they possibly can they aren't going to care.

Besides, no matter how powerful PS5/Xbox are PCs will always be more powerful. And the vast majority of 3rd party games (and a lot of 1st party games it seems) will have PC versions still.

And let's not forget where this came from. My original analogy was simplified, as analogies always are. The price wasn't literal. It was representing the terms. Better terms = more attractive deal. When talking about which platforms to develop for the importance of the cost of development and/or porting is massively outweighed by the importance of the potential sales it could get on that platform. Which is way I said before that being multiplatform is better 99% of the time. Things weren't the same back in the era this thread was about, when things were harder to port and distribute on different platforms. But now that it's easier than ever to be multiplatform you really should be unless you're literally the one that made that specific platform.

And at least for the first 2 years, 3rd party games will use base xbox 1 as target platform, so nothing will change.