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padib said:

This thread has completely degenerated.

Nobody is talking about business success. The angle of the thread is of behaviors and ethics. The title of the thread is "Nintendo banned Square from offices for 10 years..." aka Nintendo is bad. The truth is completely the opposite, Nintendo was almost sent to financial ruin after this back-stab of a move was made, and Nintendo was just correct in reacting vehemently against it.

No matter how many posts people will make about likening this affair to Rare (wtf?) or to the success of FFVII, if we are talking who was right and who was wrong, the answer is clear, Square backstabbed Nintendo while being lured away by Sony, and the shock of everyone at Squaresoft when it happened (per the article) is proof of it. The reaction of Nintendo is proof of it. The bending-over attitude of Sony towards Square is proof of it.

And Sony is very conspicuous in its dealings with Nintendo from the get-go. Sure it's business, but there is shady business and there is legit business. What Sony and Square did, imho, was very sleazy. In contrast, the Rare buyout was all done legally and in the open between Nintendo, Rare and Microsoft, it was all legit.

And I have no idea what "jealousy of Iwata" even means, it blows my mind.

That’s a nice way to present how looking at a single side of a coin looks like.