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HoangNhatAnh said:
Xxain said:

Of course (thread is about Nintendo's relationship with third parties during that time).  Btw, guys we dont need to  keep bringing SONY up as some deflection tool. I bring it up multiple times Kutaragi was also a asshole and SONY used to threaten 3rd parties with not being able to publish if their port wasnt the best.

I am a customer, not a 3rd party so as long as some of their games are still good to me, i don't care about that, but obviously a lot of non-Nintendo fans (especially Sony fans) care about this matter for some reasons.

Cool.... Ya do know this is kinda the topic of the thread right? If you are not interested in discussing said topic then you shouldnt be here. Btw, Nintendo vs third  parties has been the major topic on this side of the forum since the birth of the site, mostly initiated by Nintendo fans.