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RaptorChrist said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes everything Nintendo did was right, nothing was wrong...

Must be the reason most 3rd parties left Nintendo for gens and no other company had similar practices at the time or after, not even Nintendo have those practices anymore.

B-b-but Don, I thought he explained this. A large part of padibs post was explaining how Nintendo's strict rules and expensive licensing fees made them "bad" in the eyes of the devs. Your understanding of his post was that Nintendo has never made a mistake? Sure, he clearly gave his own opinions and has a liking for Nintendo, but... your reply doesn't even make sense, and then you piggy-backed off of your own misinformation to (I assume) try and make padib feel bad.

Is your liking of Sony so strong that you have a tendency to project negative feelings onto people who post their own thoughts and opinions that differ from yours? Disagreeing with someone is one thing.

You're scaring me, Don. But you're still my favorite. <3

Nintendo strict rules weren't necessary nor even productive in several parts.

Why they should strictly develop for Nintendo? How did that help the industry? Several devs started developing 2 games at different teams for the same title to avoid this rule as well.

Why should these devs be limited to 5 games? It doesn't ensure quality. You can demand QA and that you validate the quality before release, but you can have a company doing 2 games and both being utter shit while other do 10 and they are all great. Nintendo didn't limit themselves to 5 games and several companies opened multiple studios to avoid this obnoxious rule.

To give all the credit to Nintendo for saving the industry and even further saying that it was because of these bad rules is ridiculous. If that was the understanding of the devs (they are in the business) they would be grateful of Nintendo and not pissed trying to find any platform with better rules, just like they did going to Genesis and then Playstation and not really wanting to be under Nintendo, at most doing multiplats but several not even wanting to dev to Nintendo at all.

And sure also putting all the blame of Sony Nintendo deal not working out on evil Sony, yes sure, Nintendo top brass were all gullible people that signed a very evil deal with Sony and them latter discovered they were betrayed, that also may be the reason why Nintendo actions were very badly received in Japan and that their deal with Phillips didn't work out.

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