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curl-6 said:
BraLoD said:

I honestly don't remember much about it nowdays, just the feelings it left on me.

I remember parts filled with enemies in the middle of the game (in some empty buildings you had to clear hordes to open some door if I remember correctly) when they just came from everywhere and I would get stuck in door sides while trying to enter a room for cover and run out of ammo and be powerless (I runned out of ammo a lot)

A part where the big guy chase you with a chainsaw in the early game that you have to open a chained gate near a barn I guess, while running away from it and if it touches you its instakill and you have to try all again, including all the stealthing you did before, bumping into corner and with horrible camera angles.

How movements were really bad basically everywhere you needed precision.

Also not a gameplay fault but those shadows are beyond broken too, it was better to just have no shadows instead, it makes everything so ugly xP.

I can't be more specific on details as again I don't remember much (gladly) from it.

I remember liking a lot the aesthetics and creativity in some scenes too, tho.

I feel like if a better developer was behind the game it could have been pretty good.

Fair enough. With the chainsaw guy I guess my RE4 training kicked in and I just picked away at his health while keeping my distance until he keeled over. Also lured him into the spike trap in one of the houses nearby.

With mobs I found they couldn't catch me as long as I kept moving without letting my stamina run out, while using grenades and explosive crossbow bolts to clear out several at a time.

Again though I played on easy so maybe it's just better balanced there?

Or maybe its balanced in your favor ... because its on easy. 

This is sitting on my to get list I'm hoping they port it. I actually played a tad bit of second where I think they added stealth kills.