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BraLoD said:
d21lewis said:

You monster!!

It's still better than TeW tho.

I absolutely love the art style and the main char, but the game is so damn flawed.

I remember being able to be locked before the first boss fight where you fight a giant vehicle and need climb on it to destroy some parts over it or something and can't progress until a specific sequence happens, which was beong prevent by me being obviously too cautions of that juggernaut and taking cover where I could nearby, which was the way it was designed to turn and it wouldn't with me there, so I could shot everything I had on it and nothing happened and it just wouldn't do a thing.

The game literally punished me for thinking on what was the safe thing to do for my chars and not panicking by locking me with an enemy on an unbeatable state that would do nothing.

I remember doing a backlog on estebxx wall while playing it and posting all my problems cause by the game itself and it starts in the very first mission.

It sure was lucky I liked the protagonist so much.

Watching playthroughs online, players did a lot of things I never even considered but I think I "played it right" or at least the way devs expected me to. Still one of my most cherished gaming experiences and I love VC4 even more. It's just that this is the first time I think I ever heard anything negative about it.

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