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Pemalite said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

My expectation.

PS5 $450
XSX $500
Ps5's die will be smaller, but the cooling and SSD will be higher.
But Overall, i expect the PS5 to be a little cheaper.

Sony is clocking it's GPU higher so despite the fact it might be a smaller chip... It might just be as expensive as the Xbox Series X's GPU due to less chips able to hit such high clocks at a sustainable voltage. - At-least initially until 7/7nm+ becomes extremely mature.

The SSD is MUCH more expensive, so is the controller... And we don't know what other "features" Sony has cooked up yet either that could increase the pricing.

Heck. We don't even know what the console looks like or the materials it's made from, might be Aluminum for all we know so the whole case acts like a big heatsink. (Unlikely, the point is... Not enough information.)

I am going to hypothesize that the pricing will be identical. Or about $650 AUD, Microsoft has made the construction of it's console and controller as simple and as cheap as possible whilst driving home that APU and it's memory subsystem.

I'm not an expert, so it's just a guess.
You may be right.
Anyway, thank you for your feedback.