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* No Spoilers. Not even spoilers tags! - When unskilled people respond to these tags you can still get the gist of what the tag could be about.


We have a hype thread that has not discussion on the game past the hype part (which I guess I cant blame it for) and a review thread that has tooo much spoiler shit. Lets have a clean discussion thread.

I am simple going to chronicle all my goods bads and neutrals,mainly in regards to plot.

+ Good

  • Barret. I love em. The whole pastor shit is charming. Gives him more character passed angry black man. VERY animated he is.  I'm surprised Cloud didnt straight up punch Barret for the amount of times he pushed him.

[] Neutral 

  • I knew they were going to do this: A very early appearance of Sephiroth. They want to establish early that Sephiroth is pulling clouds strings. In the original it is only inferred that clouds choices were directly influenced by Sephiroth but now; "I don't care about Planet!" *Sephiroth tells Cloud to care about the planet in a taunting cutscene* "I care about the Planet!". Were going to see this a lot in this Remake. I'm positive. Was anybody else reminded of Bat Man and Joker, specifically from Arkham City/Knight in the alleyway scene? I like the idea of the Cloud and Sephiroth channeling Bat Man and Joker thing but hopefully done better than Dissidia because Cloud was a Bitch in that.

- Bad

  • The first "why!?" is Shinra blowing up the Mako Reactor. It was a little humorous to see the bomb go off and only the handle be damaged on reactor though. I knooow where they're going with this plot wise, but Avalanche, and by extension Barret will kinda be diminished by it. Avalanche is a eco terrorist group. No sugar coating it. It's inferred in the original that a lot of innocent people were killed in the groups operations and part of Barrets post FF7 crisis is atoning for all the lives lost. They went out of their way to keep Avalanches hands clean I think. Unnecessary.
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