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I just found a tweet of old article, probably the article itself  had been shared or discuss a lot back then. But because we finally able to play Final Fantasy 7 again it's worth to mention again.

Not to spark a fanboy war or debate. It's worth on mentioning that Final 7 supposed to come to Nintendo hardware but because Nintendo was such a dick back then even after that for 10 years they still don't want to admit  . They were deserved to blame 

But I am glad Nintendo has changed (albeit their is still something that still need to be addressed ) . Overall we can learn from history how arrogance can impact a business and the success of a product .

I am not saying i hate Nintendo nor i defend Playstation , i do realize that Sony also have this kind history with PS3 and Microsoft with Xbox One (Don Matrix ). I just want to share again the story how Final Fantasy 7 was made and then  how close Square to Nintendo was back then (like a second party developer).

This article is old back from 2017 and probably has been foretold a lot times even far before that in the 90's. But it's very good to read, especially for young gamer who never experience 90's era. 

The article is really detail , they made an interview with a lot of the senior staff and old staf who made FF7 including Hironobu Sakaguchi it self so the source is reliable even it has Nintendo ex employe and other employee that back up the source. I provided the link

You can read and enjoy the story and then return here to discuss 

EDIT: Japanese style of business are really  like Yakuza probably it's still the same nowadays, the same thing happened with Konami. 

Last edited by HollyGamer - on 11 April 2020