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I wonder what is the next highly anticipated game in Japan? The next Last Guardian or the next Final Fantasy VII Remake..?

I know that Nintendo games are highly anticipated, as shown with Animal Crossing New Horizons, Smash Bros., Mario, and Pokemon, and Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest dominate the charts as well. However, its kinda fascinating when you look at games like FFVII Remake or Last Guardian that were highly sought after for years that readers from Famitsu (take that for what you will) voted for them as highly anticipated games even before they had actual reveals or release windows (let alone release dates).

Whether they fulfilled those desires or expectations are up to the consumers (and sales, of course), but they became the talk of the town in Japan for sometime until they finally released (or in FFVIIR's case, just released). I guess what could come close is the next episode of FFVIIR, though who knows when that would ever come out, considering how the game opens up after Midgar.