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Hiku said:

I use different passwords for everything, and I don't have a webcam, so I guess something like this wouldn't concern me.
But good for people to know that these things tend to be scams.

Yeah me too, it's just that one password I use for low risk stuff. I might have used it once for some one time use website to send a card or something. Or maybe the psn hack got it although that shouldn't have your wifi info. The rest of my passwords are all different random strings of characters.

A new one for me although this scam is already 2 years old. Meanwhile the apple / amazon / netflix scams continue almost daily. Is there no law against this stuff that it continues to go on at this scale? They're starting to look closer and closer to the real thing. Of course never ever click on anything inside an email, and only open attachments from people you are expecting to send you them.