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SammyGiireal said:
I find that innovation is a great thing, BUT I have already had to replace one Dualshock 4 as it stopped charging (triggers were acting funky before that). Before that all of my Sony controllers have worked fine (My PS2 controllers work perfectly to this day) so if innovation comes at the cost of controller durability and battery life...I am not sure I want it. My DS4 has an awfully low batt life.

They said it will " maintain strong batteries life ", probably means at least the life expectancy of the batteries will be the same like DS4 or it could be better.

From tech standpoint, the haptic feedback it self are using less movement/motor movement compared to old rumble tech that exist on DS4. Also the light bar this time around will have less power draw compared to DS4 due to less and smaller led. 

But the noise canceling and microfon is still in question whether  it will draw a lot of batteries or not, but of course you can disable it to maintain batteries life. But from the blog post they clearly explain that they will make the batteries life longer , i bet the bulky design are the indicator that they add bigger batteries.