HoangNhatAnh said:
Runa216 said:

When remaking a story/game, changes might be necessary. Maybe there's a better way to do something, a more reasonable change to the plot, a more realistic sequence of events? I'm just saying, don't go into ANY remake or remaster or reimagining or whatever you wanna call this expecting the exact same thing. If they were just giving us the exact same thing with prettier graphics, then seriously what is the point? the remaster we got on PS4/Switch was that. This is a whole other thing and I thought it was super obvious from day one that there would be alterations to the game's fundamentals. 

I find it utterly baffling that people are upset that a game that's so far removed from the original in terms of gameplay and presentation would also have significant changes to the plot. From my perspective - and the perspective of most people who write - changes like that are inevitable. 

Look at the MCU: lots of changes from the source material, doing different things to get to many of the same places. and look how much money those movies make. Look at the reviews those films receive. they're good not because of the adherence to the source material, but because of the original things they do and the unique ways they do them. 

If you wanna judge the remake based 100% on how strictly adheres to the original's plot, then you do you. I'll be over here in reality where changes to an adaptation are a fundamental part of the adaptation process. they're par for the course. Virtually necessary to the creative process. 

Lufia on snes was a turn based rpg, got a remake on ds: graphic/art sytle/control completely changed, gameplay: action rpg and the main story: remain the same as the original. That is what we call a remake. Name me an example of a JRPG remake which had the main plot completely changed from the original???

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