Immersiveunreality said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

When all other remakes didn't do that, then the only one who was wrong is this game.

Second bolded: i don't care if it added or cut out something, as long as the main story was kept, then it is a remake. But nope, the major plot of the main story was changed, the "remake" which you claimed is not a remake anymore.

Wrong, a remake CAN have a changed plot if it still chronologically keeps other elements of the story intact with the same characters.

Give me an example of a remake JRPG which changed the plot like that.

deskpro2k3 said:
thismeintiel said:

And what about these lies from just two weeks ago?

"In terms of how faithful the remake is to the original Final Fantasy VII, from the perspective of the storyline, it is very faithful indeed," Toriyama said. "The major story structure is kept very close, so you will do the Mako Reactor bombing mission and then return to the Sector 7 slums."

Longtime series writer Kazushige Nojima echoed Toriyama's sentiment, adding: "Well, the main story is still the same, but I have added in many new scenes that happen between the main events of the original, which show how the relationship between Cloud and the other characters deepened. [For example], Cloud's childhood friend Tifa shows him a flat in Midgar, and they come to live in the same building. It is a Japanese-styled flat and the scene itself is quite sweet. So, I want people to look forward to [those additions]."

Producer and director of the original game, Yoshinori Kitase, also chimed in: "Of course, all the memorable elements and key moments from the original have been faithfully reproduced, and you can enjoy experiencing those again."

Again, these are absolute lies. Very faithful, my ass. I will not support false advertising or using the guise of a remake so Nomura can make more KH's bullshit. If you want to come up with excuses for  why blatantly lying to consumers is ok, you go right ahead, but don't act like they weren't BSing us from the start.

wtf? It's like you expect an exact 1:1 representation of the original with technology of today. They specifically said they've added many new scenes. The Bombing Mission was pretty damn faithful to me. The park scene was faithful. As well as many other things but with modern tech.

Added something to the original story is fine, changing the original story is not. Don't spread out the wrong information.