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I will buy anything if it has games that interest me. This generation Xbox One didn't have enough for me to buy it. The 2 games I planned to buy an XBO for they canceled. I like the PS3 and 360 a lot. I liked many games on Wii but hated the hardware. Not because of power but user interface with the remote and sensor. The only time I liked one company's console over the rest was when SEGA made consoles but still enjoy other systems of those eras. Enjoyed every Sony system. Nintendo didn't make a great console post-SNES until Switch tho GBA and DS were great handhelds. Xbox was great with OG Xbox and 360 was something special. 360 felt like my 7th gen DC successor. Not seen anything yet on XSX to have me excited. Starting to think that maybe Spencer's direction is turning me off the Xbox Brand. Still too early to know tho.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!