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I voted "I have more than one main gaming platform" even though right now Switch is pretty much my main gaming platform.  But so far I've owned every Sony home console (and PSP).  And more importantly I've been gaming a long time and I'm from the US.  The popular platform in the US usually changes every generation, so I don't see any point in having console loyalty.  I mean these are the companies that have been on top in the US since I've been gaming:

Generation 2: Atari
Generation 3: Nintendo
Generation 4: Nintendo and Sega (basically tied)
Generation 5: Sony
Generation 6: Sony
Generation 7: Nintendo (first half) then Microsoft (second half)
Generation 8: Sony
Generation 9: Nintendo (so far)

What I like is a console with a large and diverse library of games.  I can usually find a decent amount of games I like on any console like that (the PS4 being the only exception).  The maker of the hottest console changes nearly every generation, so I really don't see the point of company loyalty.  I just want the console that has the most fun games.