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Angelus said:
Ljink96 said:
I mean, yes FFVII R would be an unprecedented situation if it wins GOTY. Not only would it not be a full remake of the original, but it's also a remake. RE2 didn't even get a nomination for GOTY and it was a full fat remake. I think Remakes, no matter how much they re-imagined the game, should never get nominated for GOTY. Ultimately they are games that already existed in the past and we should award new games the ability to get nominated for GOTY.

I do understand just how much FFVII R shakes things up, I've basically seen most of the game at this point, but I think remakes need their own category since they're becoming so prevalent in recent years.

Uhm....yes, it did. Lots of them.

Oops, I should clarify, an GOTY award at TGA. Yes, of course it was nominated. But I still stand by what I've said. 

Last edited by Ljink96 - on 03 April 2020