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- It talks about recruiting older people (45 and up) to the team. Talks also about getting a "comeback team".

- Wants to make a company that " meets and exceeds the expectations of fans worldwide".

- He made the studio to "do what I want".

- Wants to make various genres (which may mean not just RPGs).

- It mentions the company is small and to not expect large projects

I can read a little bit of Japanese and cobbled this together although some bits I didn’t get and probably mistranslated. Roughly, I think the blog post says:


A wild rose will bloom tomorrow.


It has been three months since the company was launched during the last spring of the Heisei era (the Heisei era was the era of Emperor Ahikito, who abdicated on 30th April this year).

業界を問わず色々な方とお会いする機会がありまして: 「ついに作ったか」!とか「どんな会社?」「どうして会社を作ったの?」… 等々訊かれる事が多かったので、今回は本ブログでその辺のことについてちょこっと書いてみようかと思います。

Meanwhile, I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the industry, and I asked: “What kind of company did you finally make?” “Why did you make a company?” … There are many things to be said, and I will write a little bit about it in this blog.


Everybody wants to know, what is the mysterious Studio Wild Rose!?

① まず最初に、スタジオワイルドローズとはこんな会社です

First, Studio Wild Rose is:


A company that creates entertainment products based on stories and images.


A close-knit company for creators (writers and painters).


A company where creators can make things which last forever.


A Studio Ghibli or PIXAR of the gaming industry.


A company where we can express honestly what we want to say to our users, especially children, even if it seems old-fashioned or embarrassing.


A cat company.


As we respect the basic rights of cats and allow them free roam our offices are healing and exciting spaces.


A that has nothing to do with crowded trains.

[ I skipped ahead here because it sounds like he’s basically advertising for recruitment, talking about how he plans to rent a space, and so on. ]

② では、どうしてスタジオワイルドローズを創ろうと思ったか

So why did you create Studio Wild Rose?


To do what I want.


The most important thing is not to be selfish but to live life as you please. You have freedom and responsibility. I’m responsible for my own life. It’s like Miyuki Nakajima’s song “Zenbo”.


But I wondered if I might want a place where I could work with others who wanted to work with me.

③ 将来スタジオワイルドローズをどんな会社にしたいか

What kind of company do you want Studio Wild Rose to become?

先にも書きましたが、いくつになっても物作りのできる会社。「あそこ、次は何を作るんだろうね?」ってファンからワクワクされる会社。 ゲームに限らず色々なジャンルでオリジナルのコンテンツを発信していきます。

As I said earlier, a company that can make things for all ages. “Over there, what will you make next?” We’ll create original content in various genres and games.


Then we will recruit young people. I want to build things freely in a prepared environment. I want you to carry on the fun of making things.



Studio Wild Rose does not have the power to mass-produce text or illustrations. Instead we can help with the design of the game, the composition of the story, etc. Of course I would also be happy to write a scenario.

[ I skipped a little here too. ]


Studio Wild Rose will be a single wild rose swaying at the edge of the industry. Please watch as we blossom.

奇しくも SHADOW HEARTS が生まれて18年目を迎えた日に。

Strangely, it is the 18th anniversary of Shadow Hearts.