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Short and sweet.

In 2015, I bought this beast on Amazon:

HP Elite 6000 SFF Desktop PC - Intel Core2Duo 3.0 GHz 2GB 80GB...

Can't link to it because it's no longer available. It still works fine but even when I bought it, it was outdated.

Anyway, I figure it's time to upgrade. I want to spend $500 or less. I don't know what a good PC is. I know nothing of specs. I may game on it but I doubt it. If it CAN run games, I may just give it a try, though. 

A monitor would be nice, too but if not, I'll grab one later.

This is your mission. I'll order one tomorrow. You guys help me choose, tonight.

*Edit*: returns are fine

Last edited by d21lewis - on 31 March 2020

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