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Trunkin said:

I'm just sitting here wondering how the hell Sony and M$ are selling consoles with those specs for anything under $1000. I'm in need of a PC upgrade, and I've already given up on achieving parity with the XSeX because it throws the whole thing out of my price range. Let alone the GPUs and NVME drives.

The key thing to remember is... These consoles are not out yet and by the time they do come out which should be Holiday 2020, PC should have a good answer...

Ryzen 4000 series CPUs are on the horizon. Big Navi GPUs are on the horizon. Nvidia's 3000 GPUs are on the horizon. Samsung's 980 series Nvme SSDs that are rated to run at 6.5GB/s as well as their competitors are on the horizon. Unless they all get delayed which isn't impossible due to the virus, they should all come out at the same time or before the next gen console twins arrive.

Consoles will still have the best value as they always have but there's plenty of things coming out that will shorten the gap.


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