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vivster said:
eva01beserk said:

Simple. That was a 40% gap last gen at a much lower res(900p-10809), this is a 15%-20% gap this time around at much higher res(2000p-2160p). While it will be there no doubt, it will go unnoticeable for the most part. I actually see more xbox fans complaining why there isnt a gap in third partys games. 

Well, we'll get those too. People complaining that the PS5 is holding games back.

It's not like the gaps last gen were very noticeable unless you put them directly next to each other, especially not for people who're used to low fidelity. But you'll see how Digital Foundry will be in high demand and people will certainly masturbate to those 2 more pixels. Console wars are fun and will provide plenty of entertainment to tide us over to the delayed Nvidia Ampere announcement.

Yea I had both PS4 and Xbox didn't notice a difference. Graphics are to good for me to really notice anymore. I'll be sticking with just Sony this next gen and upgrade my gaming PC. FPS needs to be higher though and load times need to go.