Burning Typhoon said:
omarct said:

Why the hell shouldnt microsoft be allowed to make a God of War game? Maybe they could make an amazing game. Why not give competition to the original creators to make something even better? I dont see what the problem is, if the game is good people will buy it, if its not they wont. Why are we trying to make it easier on these corporations instead of making it better for the consumers? Imagine how amazing new Pokemon game could be if we weren't forced to only buy them from the lazy bastards at Gamefreak. Where do you see anything here that affects you negatively? Yes perhaps there could be a royalty fee to the original creator if they are still alive but thats it.

If you have the ability to make this so-called microsoft-funded God of War game, and make it good, why not just come up with your own original characters too?  Sony has this IP, with character recognition.  If things worked by your rules, we can take a character like Kratos after 10 years, and people will buy our game because of the popularity he got after being made by Sony.

If you have the ability to make a good game, use your own characters, because by your rules, you'll get 10 years exclusivity with it.  And it's a horrible idea, by the way.  Some games take 4-8 years to make, or longer.  There's not a single person who wants this in the short term.  As least not anyone who has an idea to protect.

There's a fan favorite that I don't own?  Well, I'm going to pay some other company to make horrible games featuring the character.  So many bad games that the character will be so tarnished that we'll never see another God of War game again.  Kratos will be associated with all these bad games, and my company wont be featured anywhere on this game.  Then, when people hear GOW, it will be GEARS OF WAR!

You want Mai in smash? Well, nintendo took some "sensible" liberties, and removed her bust size to make her more appropriate for Nintendo's sensibilities.

Things will work themselves out, those "abusers" will not last long. Only those who make true gems will go forward. As for the new character aspect that you mentioned I will say 2 things, nostalgia and familiarity. Imagine if they made a new superman movie but instead of superman it was "amazingman" and they changed everything but followed the same concept, doesnt matter how great the movie was people wouldnt like it and it would feel off. 

The 10 years would start after the product was released so im not sure how the length of making it would come into play here. 10 years is a lot for me, that is 1/6 of my full cognitive life. But I could see the argument for extending it or reducing it depending on the product. Life is very short I dont see why you would want to limit what you could experience just so that certain people have an easier time making more profits.