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eva01beserk said:
vivster said:
This is the Cell debate 2.0.

"PS5 if used correctly can out perform the XSX."

This is code for "You'll have to optimize the shit out of games to make them look as good as the competition". Can't wait for all the threads about lazy and stupid game devs who just can't utilize the power of the PS3. The PS5 I mean.

Dont think anyone has said any of the sort yet. Most people are saying that multiplats will shoot for parity and only exclusives will push each consoles advantages. Just that the ps5's advantage will be easier to identify. 

Judging from last gen I doubt there will be parity. We have seen countless games that ran better or had different resolutions. And exclusives will look great on either of the consoles. History repeats itself. We'll see games with slightly different performance, Xbots boasting about spec superiority and Ponys calling out lazy devs. Unless you can tell me a reason why it would be any different next gen.

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