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padib said:
the-pi-guy said:

You're pretty much the only one in here making console war comments.  

This is a thread about a benefit that both the XSX, PS5 have.  

He's kind of right. When this kind of idea comes out, it begs the question "why"? Why is the SSD a big deal, especially when it really isn't.

I'm going to leave it like that, because I really don't want this to be a console wars thing. But I have to say, it does beg the question.

Why did Cerny make a whole video explaining the SSD? Is it possible that, perhaps, Sony needs to do some PR to make sure people feel like the PS5 has some kind of edge when it really doesn't?

I mean, we are in a sales forum, so the question is perfectly valid.

A video that was ready before MS had done any reveal, that was meant for developers, so nope it wasn't PR. But run with it if you want.

And from your last post to CGI them you agree that using SSD as standard will revolution gaming design or you will keep denying that "because PC had SSD for a decade"?

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