I am agree i love seeing SONY in this position, well actually they need more than this to evolve. Like people said "no pain no gain". Sony need to be on the edge of the cliff, the more close to bankrupt the more Playstation will evolve to be the best platform ( although they are in far better situation this times around) . I believe Japanese are like Saiyan people where they go in the brink of destruction will return 100 times better. Just look at Nintendo with Wii U and Sony in PS3 era.

Well back in topic, we still need to wait until the games roll out and many analysis come, also we have to see the launch first (if even people care for console instead Corona). It's too early to tell. But I can see Microsoft did a great marketing and faster with the decision. Great for Microsoft but we have seen a thing from Sony . Remember Sony is still the king. :)