Barring shoddy optimization, XSX games should look better and run better. PS5 games should load a couple seconds faster. Not a large difference, though I want to see how devs use the variance in power on PS5. For all we know, the small difference on paper between 12 and 10.3 can become larger once PS5 is running demanding games or depending on how devs utilize the setup.

That’s why all along I have been more excited about QoL features and enhancements. The load times already will be great on both consoles. Quick resume on the XSX demo they showed is, for me, amazing. I cycle through six or seven games usually and some of them are online MP games so I doubt they’ll work flawlessly, but the SP games will be great to jump right back in.

Adding HDR to Xbone games that didn’t support it, free upgrades to XSX versions of Xbone games, enhanced BC for Xbone games, etc, those are the things that outside of power jumps, are most exciting imho. When the fuck is Sony going to showcase theirs