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Leynos said:
d21lewis said:
People still get excited for Virtua Fighter?

Vf5 is still one of the best fighting games ever made. VF series is excellent. Why should people not be excited for another entry in a classic great series?

It's just not the groundbreaking series it was back in the day. I personally haven't had any desire to play it since the one on PS2 that let you train the PC to fight like you. It always felt pretty vanilla to me.  If this is a VF announcement, I hope it goes on to sell a billion copies because I like Sega...but Virtua Fighter isn't my cup of tea compared to the Tekkens, Soul Caliburs, Street Fighters, Dead or Alives, etc. of the world.. And even a lot of those I named would have a hard time making headlines these days.

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