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LudicrousSpeed said:
If you think a game running a more powerful hardware at almost half the frame rate is anything other than poor optimization, idk what to tell you 😆

more powerful in TF yes ( that also just 42 %) PS4 pro has rapid Math while One X does not. Graphic is not just TF there is more than that. Even Digital Foundry said PS4 pro are lack  of bandwidth compared to  One X on top of that One X has 4 GB more RAM. That is the  biggest disadvantage Pro over One X. PS5 will not have the same problem because even if Series X is  560 GB/Second ,  some RAM  modul run slower at 330 GB/S.  while PS5 has unified number speed with 448 GB/S across the memory setup and has the same 16GB amount of RAM the same with Series X.