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HollyGamer said:

OK guys another example is Resident Evil 3 Remake this games run slightly better resolution but worse frame rates on One X but run almost 60 fps on PS4 Pro with lower resolution the One X. Remember on paper both One X has 45 % advantage in terms FLOP ( plus One X has better memory setupand with UHD 4k). This is just shows in reality both machine has some thread off , some aspect can be run better some aspect can be run bad, they have plus and minus. Comparing PS5 and Series X will be even harder and imposible both even far closer than PS4 and Xbox One (41 %), and with both can produce native 4k and run VRS i believe both will run the same .

All this shows is that RE3 is poorly optimized for Scorpio. 

You can give a dev all the power in the world, it won’t make up for bad development.