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Soren0079 said:
Party games with simple mini games Mario Party, Nintendo Land, board games, card games, Older 2D platformers with less controls to learn like a Yoshi game. Yoshi games are mostly easy and the latest on Switch hasa co-op mode so that you can help them when they get stuck.
Driving games that are more arcade like like Burnout, Ridge Racer, Mario Kart as opposed to Forza.
You can probably get a ton of old Skylanders or Disney Infinity stuff for dirt cheap now that they've stopped making the games.

This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Which Nintendo console should I shoot for? Considering that you considerably swayed me in the Mario direction. I'm looking at kart, racing, smash (thanks kirby007), and other mario mashups that the kids can play on their own, or with me. Should I go all the way back to the Wii? Or does the WiiU provide good enough versions of those games? I want to avoid switch since I believe its more a portable device.

I can't believe Mario slipped my mind. I'm getting fucking old.

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