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LudicrousSpeed said:
Zoombael said:

Even after 1h presentation in GDC format it's still a mysterious secret to some. Astonishing.

Some of you are taking the “secret” in secret sauce a little too literally. Like Bic Mac secret sauce or the Xbone eSRAM, and now PS5 SSD, we know what the secret sauce is. We just know it won’t make much of any difference.

Lets say some users wildest hopes and dreams are true and this revolutionizes the way games are designed. Why would devs utilize it and then have to redesign those same games entirely to work on XSX, Xbone, PS4, and PC? And you’ll still have bottlenecks anyway. Also the XSX also has a SSD in it. Not as fast, but it’s there. 

Here’s how the SSD will affect a vast majority of games: they’ll load in, for example, 5 seconds on PS5, and 8 or 9 seconds on XSX. Dat secret sauce 

Also, of course first party devs will utilize their own hardware better than others, that’s always the case. But to the extent people have been predicting design will change, lol, not even close.

Im waiting for Sony to show the real game changers from PS4. How does BC enhancements work, what’s new with the controller, how does the UI work, how do upgrades to last gen games work, what’s new for PS+ and Now, where is the GamePass answer, will resume/suspend work like Xbone, any hope for PS/2/3 BC, etc before I’m hyped. Lightning fast loads are amazing but not a revolution imho.

Ignoring all info Pema and CGI are discussing on the subject will only lead you to be more impressed when they start showing what this can do. It isn't out of the nothing that it was the most asked feature from devs, and why Jason was saying some devs were saying PS5 is the biggest revolution they saw gen over gen.

But yes call it secret sauce if it makes you happy.

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