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sales2099 said:
HollyGamer said:

Your statement are complicating each other, how can you determine the spec edging each other if you even cannot compare apples and orange LOL. You gotta  choose between "you can compare " or " cannot compare ". Even on paper it cannot and it need further test and benchmark. Also even if there is a different only 15% less, and i believe all game studio want to bring their games on the same quality across the platform. They will sacrifices 15% different to bring parity for both.  

Oops I misspoke. “Apples to apples”. I’m just gonna say that it’s only 15% when PS5 is overclocked. When it’s not it becomes 25%. You can’t expect it to be chugging along non stop unless you ok with it sounding like a jet engine. Just a theory. 

But yes I do agree that multiplats will be largely on par. Mayyybe a slight resolution difference. 

Yes there will be some slightly different  and nobody denied that accept some lunatic fanboy that attach to a toy box. Is like comparing each apples in every store for an inch or for a slightly different weight in milligram  that even  expert laughing off what's the point of arguing that something you cannot enjoy. Both of system has different approach on game design and target.