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fauzman said:

Well for me personally, as a non-tech guy I couldnt care less about the ndetails of the power. I consider current gen graphics to be adequate and while an upgrade between gens is nice, the minor differences between the two dont seem significant to me.

However, I am very excited about the new SSDs for the new consoles (and especially the ps5) . The demo they did showing loading on Spider-man was great, and i remember hearing how the makers of GOW had just about reached their limit implementing that single shot technique. The SSD on ps5 should hopefully make this much easier to implement for GOW2. Additionally, if this can reduce development time, which has been getting longer every gen, then that is equally as great. Most of all, I still want to know WHERE ARE THE GAMES!!! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE GAMES!!!

Loading a game, fast travel and reload after die in 1s is like a dream =]

Besides all the new design approaches will bring.

And yes GoW was made with single panel philosophy, like a movie that was made without any cut, just transition from scene to scene.

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