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I’m an American working in Dubai. I work in education so we were among the first who understood how dire the corona situation was before people truly started to freak out. Being the extremely cautious person I am, I have been practicing social distancing since late February. Long story short, my kids are getting extremely bored of this style of life, and I’m getting desperate in trying new ways to keep them happy with minimum involvement being outside (most social environments are gradually shutting down anyway).

 I need recommendations for games that are extremely family friendly, fun, and hard to get bored of. Games that mom and pops can play with their kids as well. I’m willing to hunt down previous generation consoles. UAE has many retro video game shops. At this point I really don’t care about price. I just can’t take seeing my kids desperately looking to their parents to try to alleviate their boredness. Especially since I can’t always give them my full attention due to all the work and training I have to do preparing for distant teaching. The age of my oldest is almost 5 if that matters.

I am the black sheep     "of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong."-Robert Anton Wilson