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90s. Best games. Most classics. Most franchises today owe their existence to either starting their or being inspired by games from this era. Mario 64 and OoT set the blueprint for 3D design.

Best consoles. Genesis. SNES. PCE/TG16. Plus the Turbo CD and SCD. PS1. SEGA Saturn. N64. Dreamcast. PC gaming was amazing then. Arcades still in peak form.

Expansions were actual expansions.  Shareware was a thing. No MTX. No awful DLC practices and yes games did have DLC. The fact SEGA was still in arcades and consoles. Developers were far less risk-averse. Capcom, Konami were in their best shape. New IPs by the dozens of each generation. Remakes were not the rule but the exception. Same with yearly games.Best consoles. Best games. Peak creativity with new and old series.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!