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90s where the best of times.

Ninja turtles, biker mice from mars, the simpsons, rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, X-men, Pinky & the brain, Rocko's modern life, Dexters laboratory, animaniacs, Aaahhh real monsters,Ren & stimpy, list goes on and on.

Music was like: 
Nirvana, spice girls, no doubt, green day, backstreet, britney spears, oasis, Aqua,.... okay.. so it wasnt fantastic looking back, however back then it was fine.

Disney was still doing proper animation films. Nickelodeon was pretty neat too.

The Super Nintendo, and the Nintendo 64 were awesome.... gameboy colour?

Saved by the Bell, fresh prince of bel-air, Seinfeld, Friends?  slap bracelets, ring pops, the macarena dance, lip smackers, disc-mans, Orbits Sodas, Home-Alone,...slimes, creepy crawlers,.... too many things, it was a fun time.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 19 March 2020