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Hiku said:
Azzanation said:
SSD drives are great however I cannot see it making that much difference when it comes to how games are designed. Developers will still go with there own game design choices. Linear style games wont see much difference because they are designed around scene by scene while openworld games can benefit but how much are devs willing to invest and design even bigger worlds? Is there a thing as too big? because sometimes for me, when I play openworld games, being too big can be a chore.

I welcome the faster load times on both consoles and honestly that's all id expect, if they do more with it great but I couldn't care if they do or not. They just need to continue to make great games.

It's not that this was a 'design choice' in the past. It was always a hardware limitation forcing them to deign the games around it.

- They had to create a flight of stairs here so that they could load in a new area in front of you while fading away the one behind. If that area could load up in time without the long flight of stairs, they wouldn't have needed to add it, and could have done something they actually wanted there instead.
- If it takes you 1 second to turn around, they had to limit the amount of objects in a room to the amount able to load by the time you turn around to see them.
- They had to put up a wall here, and have you turn a corner, rather than seeing everything in the area the whole time.
All this goes for linear games as well.

A high fidelity game like Final Fantasy 7 Remake for example could make very good use of this.
Though even with PS5's SSD, I still can't imagine that it would be possible to load in all of Midgar properly as you fly over it at high speed with the airship. That still seems impossible without trickery. But it certainly would work a lot better now, at the very least.

They can using the geometry engines to load and differential texture mapping detail by distance.

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