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DonFerrari said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

The first SSDs? No. 

Not that.

Because from what I see SSD can cut the loading by 60-80% compared to HDD. But that would make a 1min game taking 10s to load, so PS5 solution would still be a lot faster.

No, I've explained it in two other threads.

The reason why you only see marginal impreovement is the inability of pcs/current consoles to do what the PS5 hardware can do "behind the controller". No pc in the world can achieve this, no matter how fast the ssd is, because the hardware simply isn't there. Detours are required, particularly in pc who simply can't directly stream into gpu memory space. At uncompressed 8-9GBytes/s, loading an entire game/continuing a saved game should take less than 2 seconds on the PS5.