the-pi-guy said:
drkohler said:

Maybe because this was the talk M. Cerny was supposed to give at GDC?

It has nothing to do with "a public discussion" at all. It had nothing to do with "the consumer".

You know, GDC is for people who are actually supposed to program the damn things. They more or less (yes there were a few "creative sidesteps" in his talk) got precisely what was announced.

Sony could have announced the stream with "If you are a gamerzzzzz, don't listen to it", but I'd reckon that would not have gone too well with said group.

You've missed my point here.  

I knew it was a GDC recording the day before and it was exactly what I was expecting.  

My point here is that Sony hasn't addressed gamers.  It would have been smart for them to announce some games before getting into the technical stuff like they did in 2013.  

granted it was GDC event, but why would you do a tech spec when your competition just did a tech spec reveal in a better way with superior hardware just a day before.. 

also if it was meant for the developers it should have been shadow dropped, like they did with wired article and not announce it on twitter.