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Machiavellian said:

Speed is always great and if that speed can extend to all parts of the system then the PS5 probably can edge out the Xbox.  If that speed does not extend to all parts of the system and you have bottlenecks then it gets wasted and the PS5 will only be fast in certain scenarios.  

One thing that interest me is MS making it very important how their system can maintain its speed at all times with no drop.  I wonder if they were trying to communicate that their IO may not be as fast as the competition but its maintained throughout all parts of the design.

The 5.5Gb/s of the SSD is sustained, same as 2.23Ghz of the GPU the frequency drop of it and CPU will be minimal and rarely from what Cerny said and shouldn't impact performance.

But I expect Xbox to perform at least 10% better than PS5, but yes PS5 games to load faster and RAM too be better used due to that faster SSD and its solutions.

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